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Some loose advice

  • Especially in the beginning of the game, invest in agility, character with big AC (>=9) does not have to be afraid of anybody for some time.

  • Invest in the skill of using rifles, because of a perfect and easily available, already from the beginning, sporting rifle.

  • Do not rush blindfolded in the territory, in order not to encounter big number of enemies. Especially later, when enemies will throw hand-grenades and shoot from Panzerfausts, the art of running away through their rows has no chance for success.

  • Do not repair everything, only when it turns out to be necessary - don't waste money on tools.

  • It's good to be able to grapple at least a bit, because it's the only sure and always available way of fighting. You don't run short of ammunition in your fists, and the fists also do not get worn out.

  • On the belt, carry strong medicines, and in the backpack weaker.

  • Take care that you always have on the belt the ammunition used, so that a character can always load it when he runs short of it.

  • Also, try not to lead to fight with much worn out weapon - jamming of a rifle in a difficult situation in terribly frustrating.

  • XP are divided between all characters. In the guide, I always give the total - if I give it.

  • Articles in shops are drawn in the beginning of shopping, but they always are in certain limits of shopkeeper's possibilities.

  • Do not use development points just for the sake of using them - if nothing is needed at a given moment, leave the points for later - they won't be lost.

  • Don't do anything if there are no chances to do it, if you start to run short of ammunition and bandages, do not get involved in fights, but flit by and run away. Heroes live shortly and easily get frustrated.

  • Look at the prices of expensive products, even the same things can have prices that are a few times higher.

  • Backpacks do not add, but only increase the loading space to a given volume.
    If a character stops running because of being tired, switch it to walking - it will than move equally fast, and will start to recover strength.

  • It's worthy to carry along a piece of each weapon available in the game - you'll never know if there will be a need to use strange ammunition.

  • And take care that a character carries a weapon he or she can use. Within the limits of possibilities, you should take care that various characters use various weapons, thanks to which the usage of ammunition will be more optimal.
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