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The beginning of the game takes place in a small town Annecy and it's neighbourhood, which consists of: cemetery castle (homesteads at the feet of the castle), as well as forest (forest, Scary Wood, house in the forest, Dark Forest).

Possible exits
Homesteads at the feet of castle, cemetery
Homestead at the feet of the castle
Annecy, Forest
Deep forest, Dark Forest
Deep forest
Forest, Scary Wood
Dark Forest
Forest, Scary Wood
Scary Wood
House in the forest, Deep forest, Dark Forest
House in the forest
Awesome forest

Before you go to Cafe Annecy (1) notice sleuth following each step of yours. Talk to him and ask (option only for an intelligent and a thief) if he is a sleuth - he will than get confused and will speak out that all suspected are sent to dungeon under the local castle. You will get for it 100 XP.

Afterwards, go to the cafe. There is no sense for you to take any additional things, as you will anyway loose them in a moment when being arrested, which you cannot avoid. You can have two words with Rene - if you order cheese from him, you will get to know that there is no cheese, and Rene is ready to buy from you any amount of this dainty. Talk to Pierre, who is sitting at the table next to the entrance. Listen to his story and let yourself be arrested by Germans who arrived.

In the dungeon, there is not a lot to do, apart from getting out of them and getting Johann to the team. First of all, have a look around your cell. You can take out from the planks three, which might alternatively be used as master-keys. You can take one of potatoes, but don't stop here - try to carefully take kitchen knife from under the potatoes. The door to the corridor you can open with your shoulder using impetuous after a few attempts (athlete) or talk to the guard in German, so that the guard has a look inside (intelligent), or open the lock with master-key (thief). You first fight will be banal and found knife, or even fists will be more than enough to win. If not, you'd better start the game again immediately and construct a character differently.

There is no need to take with you big things, like buckets, planks and stones. However, in the entrance to the main corridor you will find cases with cheese - take as much of it as possible, as Rene will pay you a good price for it. As soon as you are with Johann, burden him with cheese, too. Besides, the cheese will be your main medicine during fights with guards in the dungeons.

Go left next to the cases with cheese. Overhear what the Germans torturing Pierre are talking about. After they hear you and you run away you can kill them - a few XP may come in handy.

Come back to cases with cheese and go to the end of corridor. Wake up the drunk Johann and take him to the team - he will conduct your diary of the travel, but you will have to find for him documents obtained on the crook to take him from France. Now, you can get out from the dungeons - everything that has to be done for this is ask Johann to take you out to the surface. Before, however, it's worth to kill all the other guards, in order to add a bit of power to the characters. Don't forget about taking huge amount of cheese for trading.

From the dungeons, you will get to the homestead at the feet of castle (2). You will be stopped there by a silly guard who is not allowed to let anybody into the castle - tell him that you are getting out and not getting in (400 XP). Go back to Annecy and pay a visit to Rene, in order to trade with him. Try to buy from him (merchandise on stock is drawn each time there is purchase/sell) a sporting rifle with a field-glass and shells for it - it's the best weapon you can count on at the moment. One shot from sporting rifle kills each German you encounter in the neighbourhood of Annecy.

Walk a bit on the Annecy market. Have a look at the fountain (1) - in it's reservoir you will find a knife which perhaps you will manage to take out carefully (50 XP). In the fountain itself, there are coins - collect dollars, as there are mostly there, and additionally a silver 25 cents coin.

Talk to the driver (1) and tell him to pay for the repair of the truck, (40 XP), and besides look at the track itself and you will get to know that it's gasket under head that is damaged. If you ask anybody about gasket under head, you will be sent to Alfred with this problem.

Also read the advertisements on the pillar (3). Under one of movie posters, you will find a poster of Chaplin's movie, who makes fun of Hitler - take it with you (100 XP). Among SS announcements, you will find a leaflet telling the French to join a special SS unit SS (150 XP).

You can have two words with standing near second - hand bookshop (4) three French - you will get to know that thy lost Bocce balls. If you talk to the owner of second-hand bookshop, you will easily come to the conclusion that it was him who has stole them and hide them it his desk. If you are a thief, tell Johann to talk to the shopkeeper about some book, and steel from the drawer the Bocce balls. If you are athlete, try to come to the shopper and scare him a bit. If you are intelligent, ask the shopkeeper about books from befor3 year 1914. Give the balls back to the players (800XP) and play a game with them, than your character will have better skills of throwing hand-grenades.

Alfred (3) keeps talking about his hobby - he is a holder of an allotment. In order to gain his favour, take from second-hand bookshop keeper for free a book about fertilising. Give it to Alfred, and he will give you a gasket for it. Install it in the track (200 XP) or order Johann to do it (100 XP). If you try hard enough, try to repair the truck without the gasket, but you will earn on it less points of experience.

Afterwards, ask Alfred about resistance movement, and you will be sent to Rene for information. Tell Rene that you were sent by Alfred and that you need documents obtained on crook for Johann, you will than get to know that the artisans are in the forest and that you have to obtain a secret password to get to them. come back to Alfred and ask him about the password.

Get to the forest (5). Pass by homestead at the feet of the castle and go on. The forest consists of five parts/ the simplest way to the house hidden in it leads through: the Forest, Deep forest and Dark Forest. You will have to defeat at least teens of Germans of whom you will find there many enough (a perfect place to gain better statistics) but beware of mines that are everywhere in the Dark Forest and in the neighbourhood of the House in the forest. In Dark Forest and near the House you will also find a few cases with ammunition and various other useful things.

Next to the forest house (6) whistle in agreed way, and reply to the agent who arrived "and a typical vermouth makes you drunk in ten minutes. Roquefort agent in exchange for documents for Johann will request that you bring a case with ammunition from a crypt on the cemetery.

Go to the cemetery (7). Two things will result from talk with undertaker. First of all, the undertaker saw Pierre, who brought some roll to the church and got out through well, and besides, the undertaker fell down from a belfry and you can dress his wounds if you want to use your bandages. If you go into the well, you will earn 300 XP on the experience that you should not do it again. Also, check for yourself the height of timbering 75 XP. Afterwards, go into the open crypt on the other side of cemetery and get interested with the coffin on the right side, and the requested case will appear in your backpack.

Difficult turn waits for you in the chapel. If you are intelligent, go inside and look at the painting over the altar, then sit on the chair standing near and push the right and left handrail - it will open the entrance to vault at the beginning of aisle. If you are thief, leave the redundant equipment next to well or pass it to Johann and go to the catacombs by chain. If you are athlete, get interested in a stone board at the beginning of the aisle and break it. go down and be ready for a difficult fight with three nazis. The last of them, a secret Gestapo agent, before he dies, will manage to answer no more than two of your questions. The best is to ask him "where is this" and he will answer that in a hiding-place in the wall. Besides, you will get to know from him what happened to Pierre, who was taken to Yugoslavia. Take a map from the hiding-place in the ending wall of the crypt.

Once again go to Roquefort (6), give him the case and take the documents gained on crook for Johann. Now, you only have to come back to the driver (1) and tell him to take you to Yugoslavia.

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