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When entering Yugoslavia, you will be attacked first by the Germans, later by Yugoslavian artisans, whom nobody expects, and who will take you to their camp. In the camp, you will immediately meet Iwo, who will tell you about a prisoner from France, who was a prisoner previously brought from France, and he will send you to the commander.

Possible exits
Artisans' camp
Hooch forest (west), Plum orchard (east)
Hooch forest
Artisans' camp, Plum glade
Plum glade
Hooch forest, Desperados' crossroad, Mountain way
Mountain way
Plum glade, Mountain way
Mountain valley
Mountain way, Ram ravine
Ram ravine
Mountain valley, bridge
Ram ravine
Desperados' crossroad
Plum valley, Devil's valley, Slavija
Slavija Desperados' crossroads, Dam
Dam Slavija, Brook
Brook Tama, Devil's valley
Devil's valley Brook, Desperados' crossroads, dirt-track
Dirt-track Devil's valley, Plum orchard
Plum orchard Dirt-track, Artisans' camp

Go to blind Petr (1) to get plum vodka, and you will get to know that it's available only on ration-cards. On the way, look in an empty dug-out, where you will find a backpack - put it on. Notice artisans next to fire (2) - soon their company will turn out to be salutary, You will not yet get to relaxation house (3), but you will come back here from Germany - especially for sexy underwear. Now, however, go to artisans' commander (4) and talk with him exhaustively. You will get two tasks from him. First of all, get to the camp Iwo, who stayed in the village with blacksmith's wife, and secondly mark the Dam for the allies' bombers.

Now, go to the village as quickly as possible. Certainly, on the way you will feel an intense lack of better equipment and shortage of ammunition... The shortest way to the village leads through: Hooch forest, Plum glade and Desperados' crossroads. Beware of mines that are everywhere. If you will have something to fight with, you can get interested in cases scattered in the forest. You will find two on Dirt-tack (very well guarded). Another two are as far as in Mountain Valley - you will be getting there.

In Slavia, there is quite a lot to do. For a good beginning, pop into grandma's household (5), look in her house and take from her two tasks: chopping wood for heating and bringing water from well. It will be a bit complicated, as all the bucket in the village have holes, and all axes are too big to use them.

Go to blacksmith (6). Pick up a three-hand axe leaned against the table. The Blacksmith himself will have a special mission for you - to find in the field over smithy his old anvil and bring it to him. The anvil is marked with a horseshoe and is on the first patch, a bit to the left. When you give the anvil back to the blacksmith, he will change for you the three-hand axe into a handy axe. Talk to him more and you will get to know that it seems strange to him that his wife always disappears when Iwo appears in the village. Ask blacksmith's wife, Milena, about Iwo and frighten her that the blacksmith knows about her collusion with artisans' resistance move in Iwo's person. Milena will tell you that she last saw Iwo when he was going to the inn.

Go to innkeeper Chlebczo (7). After trade exchange with hem (you can buy some ammunition for the sporting rifle, if you use it) you will get to know from him that it was him who imprisoned Iwo and is not going to let him out until he gets a transport of plum vodka from the artisans' camp. Buy sausage from Chlebczo. You can immediately go with it to grandma's household and get interested in kennel. Distract dog's attention with the sausage and take a hen out from the kennel. This useful animal will lay from time to time nutritious eggs, and a bit more rarely even grenades against infantry, of first type. :-)

It's time to get interested in village's commandant - Ribbentrop (8). First talk with him will end up taking you to forest by firing squad. Defend yourself from him and go back to the village. Let Johann conduct another talk with Ribbentrop. From now on, you will be able to trade with this strangely looking guy and buy from him better weapons and ammunition for it.

Now, go to the Dam (11) and make a fire on it with the help of planks, which you will find on it. Artisans' commander will be glad, and also for you 1000 XP will be useful. Entrance to the dam is defended by three soldiers from Waffen-SS. On the way back to the village, pop in to the miller (9) and take from him a backpack and bucket hidden behind gear racks.

Come back to grandma and chop wood for her (in order to do this, get interested in stump next to cowshed, in which a huge axe is thrust), and take water from the well with the bucket you brought. Additionally, you may try to cut off the head of hen on the stump, and you will get 100 XP for not doing this. Bring the water and wood to grandma and from now on you can always spend a night and cure yourself in her house.

It's high time to go back to the camp and give a report to the commander. After the mission on the dam is completed, he will tell you the artisans really had a task to get Pierre out from the transport, but some Germans disturbed them. Besides, he will give you a ration for a case of plum vodka - if, however, you try to take it from Petr, you will get to know that first you have to stink like a real artisan. Colleagues next to the fire will help you with it (2). Sit next to them and tell Johann to sing - in order to fight his stage fright, offer him an egg. As a reward for his soldier's song, you will get a special bottle of plum vodka. Propose to Johann drinking it. Now, the Blind Petr will give you a whole case of plum vodka. Bring it to Chlebczo in the village.

You will have to bring totally drunk Iwo, whom you will get for the plum vodka, to the camp, as only there the artisan will be able to get better and join your team. Again, come back to Slavja. Ask Ribbentrop about the prisoner of whom you heard here and there, but nothing will result from this.

You will hear more detailed information from the miller (9) - but only after a talk with Ribbentrop. You will get to know that there is some prisoner who is kept by military police in their building. The Miller will stubbornly want nothing from you for that.

Look at cellar's windows in big military police building (it is next to it that Ribbentrop is standing) and talk to the prisoner. This is the real Ribbentrop, who in order to prove his truthfulness by telling you that Pierre was taken over on the railway bridge by Germans who were not known to him. Supply yourself well for the journey and go to the Bridge (10), and get interested there in a burned truck - first of all, look in it's cabin and you will get a prove that Pierre was really carried in it. Besides, plunder two cases near it and another three, superrich, situated at the end of the forest. Come back to the real Ribbentrop and take from him an order to get rid of the usurper.

Fight with false Ribbentrop might be troublesome, but it's result is not of a great importance. If you win with him (he has 708 HP), come back to the village and set the real Ribbentrop free, and afterwards look with him at the dead, as it will turn out, robot. On the autopsy, you can earn another 1000 XP and go to Germany. If, however, you will loose in the fight with the robot, first of all you will get in Germany not to the town, but to prisoners' camp, and secondly, you should consider if you should not train yourself in fighting still on Yugoslavia territory.

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